Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Continuar: El Cerebro que se cura asi mismo

# 5: Resurrección

Contraint-induced (CI) movement therapy invented by Edward Taub. Stroke patient uses CI, training to regain their motor movements and balance. CI is unrelenting, exhausting and difficult therapy. Patients have to use the weak (stroked) parts of body and restrain the normal parts. Behaviorism, brain science and psychologies are used together to achieved higher discovery. The Taub clinics apply "shaping", teach adults to do and play child's games and increase to more complex tasks. 

After a stroke, the brain map for an affected arm shrinks by about half, so a stroke patient has only half the original number of neurons to work with. CI therapy restores the motor area of the brain to its normal size. These demonstrated the neuroplastic. 

Besides physical disorders, aphasiacs can also be treated with CI. Patients play a therapeutic card game and must strictly follow the language rules(finish the full sentence).This theory also suggests that when we "immersed" ourselves in foreign country to learn their language, the progress is much better than learning in the class.

 # 6: Bloqueo y Desbloquear
Obsessive-compulsive disorder(OCD), worry begets worry. The worries also can be bizarre and make no sense even to the worrier. Worry from the past, about the future and imaginations strike OCD patients. The brain of OCD can't move on from the mistake although the correction was made. The anxiety kept building up in the patient.

1st Acknowledgment: Patient has to realise their situation
2nd Refocus: Distract the matter with pleasure activity

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